The Rainhard Fendrich Memorial

The Rainhard Fendrich Memorial

Should remember us on the rise and deep fall of the formerly darling of the nation.

For the handful people in the world who don’t know him -one of the most important songwriter ever- a short
excerpt of his life:
The Rise:

R. Fendrich starts his career with playing the “Judas” in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.
Later he got famous with songs like “Weus’d a Herz hast wia a Bergwerk” (Because you have a heart like a

slope mine) or “Macho Macho” (macho macho)
After the writting of the new national anthem of Austia “I am from Austria” he became a real national hero.
The Fall:
The success went to his head and he is starting to bleach his hair. At the same time he gets married with
cocain and line by line he transform to the cocaine nose of the nation. At this time he writes songs like
“Blond wie eine Semmel” Blond like a bread roll)
At least he was arrested during a cocaine deal and got judged for drug dealing reasons.

Location: The Ring Line Boulevard, Vienna


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